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13 top reasons to choose a villa for your Ibiza holiday

Discover why renting a private holiday villa could be the best holiday choice you make.

With a huge array of accommodation options on Ibiza, it's hard to know where to stay. Renting a private villa holiday could be just what you want to really get away from it all and discover a different side to the island. Read on to see why a holiday home could be your own home from home.

You set the agenda and your own timetable. Missed breakfast? No problem just make your own morning meal when you feel like getting up or get yourself a cold beer whenever you want.

Spend quality time with loved ones: the place is yours for the week with only your family or close friends as distractions, so ditch the smartphone in favour of a good conversation over a chilled glass of wine or cocktail as you lazily toss dinner onto the barbecue.

Enjoy a barbecue lunch or dinner in style at this country-style finca

Villa holidays are surprisingly affordable, starting with a daily price of just €50 per person in high season, having your own pad is within the reach of most of us. Think of the money you can save for items like club tickets, top restaurants or gifts.

If you have a late night, there's no walk of shame. Ibiza is the hottest spot to go clubbing on the planet, we think. If you go out, you can slip back into your villa at dawn and know you don't have to avoid anyone, just straight to bed - if that's what you want that is.

Living the life of the rich and famous in this divine villa near Talamanca

You can live like a celebrity in a super-stylish luxury villa either in traditional style or decked out in Hollywood luxury; you will need a big budget for the ultra high-end ones - could it be your holiday of a lifetime?

Eating can be fun, you could even avoid going out to buy it and use a food and drinks delivery service instead. Or, you could get in local fresh ingredients from the market or delicatessen and challenge your culinary skills.

No need to worry about missing that yoga class. Forget schedules and timetables. Instead, have a yoga instructor or masseuse come to your villa at a time that's convenient for you. Want to look fabulous for your night out? A make-up artist or hairdresser can come by to give you a sleek party look.

The pool is all your own: no need to get up at dawn to reserve your poolside sun loungers. Also, you can splash about in your swimming pool without the worry of getting angry looks from other tourists.

No one to disturb you at this sea view villa ...

Discover a more authentic Ibiza. There is life beyond the hotels and it's worth exploring. Eat at the restaurants around you, stop at the roadside shops and cafes, drive around and lose yourself on country lanes. Go out and explore.

Make your friends envious and post pictures of your gorgeous Ibiza villa on Instagram and Facebook - we are sure you were going to anyway. Great pictures will give you lots to reminisce about afterwards.

Do you like my living room? Share photos on social media of gorgeous villas like this

Have dinner made for you: that birthday dinner or anniversary can be extra special when you get in the services of a private chef who can literally cater for all kinds of tastes and diets. From vegan sushi to a meat feast, you can have a dinner fit for a king.

Freedom to do what you want: you can easily escape in a private villa away from the public. Walk around in the nude, let your kids play and be loud and make noise or just curl up with a book knowing you won't be disturbed.

You could be close to some awesome nature: most villas in Ibiza are in the countryside, so think walks through pine forests or by stone terraced fields. Make your way around rugged coastline, admiring the glittering turquoise water or finding a mystical pirate tower.

Check out our villas section, where you will find holiday homes across Ibiza to suit all budgets and needs.

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Cas Costas

Cas Costas

Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza
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Nikki Beach

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
Tanit Beach Ibiza

Tanit Beach Ibiza

Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza

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