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Carl Cox and Pepe Roselló inaugurate the Space Warehouse

Space Ibiza lives on at the Space Warehouse with parts of the legendary superclub on display.

While Space may be gone physically, it most certainly has not left the hearts and minds of all those who lived and loved it. Besides Space on Tour, its spirit is alive and well in the new Space Warehouse.

A new multipurpose space, the Space Warehouse recollects the history of Space with photographs, mementoes, personal memories, lights, sound systems, furniture and other objects from the legendary club. Open to the public, it serves as a museum where you can admire historical pieces of the club and as a cultural space to hold events.

Earlier today, the founder of Space Pepe Roselló and Carl Cox presented this latest reincarnation of Space. A driving force to this day, Pepe recalled details of the superclub's incredible history. Now people have the chance to see parts of the original club and its 27-year history. The spirit of Space lives on.

Among the many objects on display, you will find the original DJ booth from the Premiere Etage — in which Space resident Juan Goméz was spinning this morning — the sign of El Salón, the large table that used to be between the Terrace and the gift shop, the high tables and stools from around the club, the chandeliers and all of the nightclub's awards. Merchandise, from the past and present, is also available, including two new commemorative t-shirts.

Open every day from 9:00 to 15:00, the Space Warehouse is on the road between Ibiza Town and San Rafael. You may have noticed it driving by because of the huge Space sign. The ground floor is now dedicated to showcasing parts of the iconic venue. With over 1000 square meters of stored goodies, the collection will grow and rotate.

The world's most awarded club, including last year's DJ Mag award, lives on beyond our hearts in the Space Warehouse, a must-visit for any electronic music lover.

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