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Eric Prydz smashes Hï Ibiza opening

The Eric Prydz extravaganza meets Ibiza.

The Eric Prydz opening at Hï Ibiza had been stamped in my diary for months before the date. Not even missing my flight back to Ibiza was going to stop me from being immersed in the sweet, sweet sounds of the man himself.

After hopping off the plane, I made my way straight to Hï. To my pleasant surprise the entrance was swarming with Spanish. Already the signs were pointing towards a juicy rave. The Theatre had been seized by French producer Agoria, whose remix of Wrong with Nic Faniculli and JAW spilt from the speakers, bleeding the vocals into the ears of charged revellers.

In the Club Room, GUTI's live set could have come straight from Romania, the country of minimal. My feet had become glued to the dancefloor. I stood battling away any conversations that came my way as GUTI mastered the technology before him, creating the most beautiful, rolling sounds I'd heard in Ibiza yet.

Hï morphed into an apocalyptic warehouse. With rotating red lights hovered above, the dancers resembled robots and clanging sounds bounced from wall to wall. Each dancefloor had been taken over by more dance offs than a disco gathering in the 70s. Something about the night had set off the extravagant dance move switch in each club-goer, and Prydz hadn't even started yet.

After mooching to watch Paul Reynolds do what he does best, lifting spirits with Oliver Dollar & Jim Jules's version of Pushin On in the disco toilets, it was time to experience what had been hyped-up about.

As if it were a festival, some had already perched themselves upon others' shoulders. Eager for a clear view of the legend, we glowed beneath the green light that teased us for the light show that was about to begin. His alias' tune Tomorrow by Cirez D & Acki Kokotos echoed around the Theatre as the light show began.

Eric Prydz combined his unbelievable talent with breathtaking visuals. His entrance to the booth had been like a king taking his crown, Depeche Mode's Behind the Wheel and Prydz's Backdraft stormed on after each other. Prydz truly gave us our money's worth.

As imagined, the opening of his residency shone a different light on Hï. Much like a Chemical Brothers' set at Glastonbury, Prydz had electronic lovers gawping in awe. This residency is a must on any calendar.

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