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IMS Ibiza: Day 4 with Dixon and The Martinez Brothers.

Rounding up the final day of IMS.

It's been yet another incredibly successful year for the International Music Summit. The changes mustered up enough topics to be discussed for another entire week. On the fourth day some chief DJs were interviewed and most controversial island changes were disputed. Here are the highlights.

10'th Annual Ibiza Debate

Hosted by Grego O'halloran of Ibiza Voice, the annual panel invited some of the island's biggest game-changers onto the panel. Game Over director Dave Browning, Brigitte Armengol the booking manager of HEART Ibiza, Hot Since 82, Cocoon's Johannes Goller, Seth Troxler and Ushuaïa head-honcho Yann Pissenem were all invited along to discuss the island's changes.

Dave Browning announced three events that will bring back a sprinkle of Space's soul. Look out for Space In The Park throughout this year. Troxler addressed the growing issue of homelessness in Ibiza due to the drastically rising prices, as well as his loyalty to DC10 and Cocoon being the reason he doesn't have his own Ibiza residency.

The question of Hï being more VIP based this season spurred tension. Yann explained that the VIP areas are used by those who have been clubbing on the island for 20+ years and can now afford the luxuries, ending with "It's always the same when creating something new, everyone is always trying to criticise." Browning then explained how Priviledge sticks to its roots, keeping the people sweaty, prices fair and balance between all ravers. Bravo Browning.

Keynote Interview: The Martinez Brothers

The Martinez Brothers have set an impression on the island after first playing Pacha as kids. The pair expressed the significance of their father during their career and noted the power of persistence: “Persistence yo, the power of persistence. No matter how many times you fail…". Unsurprisingly, Pete Tong persisted for the story behind curating music for Givenchy: "We didn't even know that Ricardo Tisci would be at the club." Talk about perfect timing.

B.Traits interviews Dixon

It's rare to find Dixon in the seat opposite the interviewer. IMS pulled such a rare interview out of the bag, bringing us with the 4-time winner of Resident Advisor's Top 100 DJ poll. The German DJ gave us one of the best quotes yet, describing the clubbing community as "interesting, international, open-minded and colourful people." He explained that his sudden fascination with the crowd, rather than the DJ, pushed him to delve into the DJ world.

Dixon explained his elusive style and why he refrains from promoting his own music or recording sets: "“I always connected to the music with the memory that I built around it by going to the club. So I'm against having Dj mixes online”.

Heart-warming tribute paid for Mo Chaudry

Chaudry's family and IMS partners came together to honour the work of the island legend. Known for playing a huge part in the building of Cream and being an ingredient in most of Ibiza's clubs, his work was honoured with a sincere speech and standing ovation.

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