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Laidback Luke confirms techno dates at Eden

The EDM superstar DJ will be playing two exclusive techno sets at Taste the Punch this summer.

Here is an unusual opportunity. EDM superstar Laidback Luke will be playing techno this summer in Ibiza. On two exclusive occasions only, Friday 30 June and Friday 28 July, he will be joining the Taste the Punch gang at Eden for an underground voyage back to his origins.

When you think of internationally acclaimed EDM superstar Laidback Luke, techno is probably not the first thought that comes to mind. Back when he first started DJing in the '90s, he was banging out those techno tunes. He reminded everyone of his original passion last year by dropping a massive techno set in New York.

Taste the Punch seized the opportunity to have him showcase his love for techno by having him take over two nights of their "Ibiza punchbowl."

In the words of the Dutch legend himself, here is what you can expect: "I'm bringing it back to my 90's roots, keeping it abstract and underground, bringing you the sound from when I first started out as a techno DJ. This was the sound I was playing when I first set foot in Ibiza".

Quickly becoming one of the best underground dance events in the UK, Taste the Punch delivers a massive dose of talent to the San Antonio superclub this season. From 16 June to 29 September, you have sixteen weeks to see what all the fuss is about.

Already on the aural menu we have Faithless (DJ set), Mark Knight, Tough Love, Monki, Weiss, Icarus, Lee Walker, Marshall Jefferson, Lauren Lo Sung and George Kwali.

More line-ups coming soon. Meanwhile you can grab yourself a deal with an early bird ticket to what promises to be among the greatest revelations this summer.

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