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DJ Harvey's Mercury Rising residency back at Pikes

He's in for a third consecutive season spin, and will head the soon to be launched Pikes Records.

DJ Harvey's enduring love affair with Pikes will be blazing brightly this summer, because not only is he back with Mercury Rising for a third consecutive year, but he'll also be heading the upcoming launch of Pikes Records, and much more.

His residency's eight-week stint slams back into motion from Monday 7th August, and from that date onwards you can expect the kind of feel-good hedonistic frivolity that his party truly embraces. For DJ Harvey, Pikes and Freddie's encapsulates that house party experience, and that is really all about the people. “It´s very intimate and it has this family feel,” he enthused. “There is no other party like it on the island that has the Ibicencan hedonism mixed with the house party vibe. Even though I might not know half the people there it's like everyone is a good old friend.”

Not only will the British veteran be flexing his muscle on the decks throughout August and September, but he's also taking on a bigger role within the Pikes camp, as he'll head up the soon to be launched Pikes Records with Pikes owners and Ibiza Rocks co-founders, Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle. For now, the details are shrouded in secrecy, but we've been teased with the promise of the label being bolstered into the stratosphere with the release of his very own Mercury Rising compilation. Speaking on the launch, Harvey explained: “I see so many avenues to work together to release music, everything from live recordings from Ibiza Rocks and Pikes, mix tapes, original productions, showcasing new artists, there's all sorts of avenues to open up.”

And, if that's not plenty to wrap himself around, he's also been appointed as the venue's Cultural Attache, which he himself explains as meaning he'll be digging in and getting far more involved. I do a lot of things that most DJs don't consider,” he explained. “Putting a bit more effort and care into the whole thing and going beyond the natural call of duty of a DJ and really being involved in all aspects of the evening's entertainment. I do take great care in compiling the best music that I possibly can for the night that portrays my idea of a hedonistic Balearic house party. I'll be playing music that could be forty years old from the seventies and music that's only a few days old from modern producers. So right across the board and my sensibility is what will hold it all together.”

If we can guarantee one thing this summer, it's that with him at the helm, you're onto an absolute cracker of an evening.

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