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Ibiza fetes oldest export with Salt Fair 2016

Delve into Ibiza’s past with free day of activities

Ibiza's oldest continuous export, salt is to be marked by a new event, the Feria de la Sal (Salt Fair) held at the Las Salinas Natural Park Interpretation Centre this Saturday, 29 October 2016. The event, starting from 10 h celebrates this part of Ibiza's cultural heritage for tourists and residents of the island.

Events will be running throughout the day, to bring to life this old industry, first begun in earnest by the Phoenicians, who settled here from 650 BC. One of these events will be a bonfire in the salt marshes, which recalls the ancient tradition of how the salters (salt makers) were called to work, starting at 10am.

Also, from 10 h - 13 h, there are a series of guided visits of the Las Salinas Natural Park Interpretation Centre or at the ‘Torre de sa Sal Rossa', you can see a dramatised guide taking you through the history of the salt flats with salters and pirates as part of the theatrical journey. In the same time frame, you can see an audiovisual presentation about how the salt is produced. If your Spanish is up to scratch, then from 11 h -12h seasoned salter, Pep Carabassó explains how it's all done.

From 17 h, there are more activities with folk dancing, a blessing of the salt and finishing with a wine tasting. Several restaurants nearby are offering special tasting menus to commemorate the day. These are La Escollera, Rascalobos, Can Masià, San Francisco i Hostal Marisal.

Ibiza is known today for its clubs, fine restaurants, its stunning beaches and crystalline waters, though its heritage as an salt producer - which continues to this day using ancient hand harvesting methods - is little known. Ibiza's salt is highly prized, having exceptional purity with a mild and aromatic flavour, now made into many prized products, such as the very popular chilli or hibiscus flavoured salt from Sal de Ibiza.

If you love history and Ibiza, this day will root you firmly in the island's rich and illustrious past

Note: you can drive to the Interpretation Centre and park for free, to grab some of these events or there is a free bus service for the event that leaves San Jorge (Sant Jordi) every 30 minutes.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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