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Environmental news: keeping Ibiza beautiful

It might not sound sexy but keeping Ibiza beautiful is this week helped by those taking part in European Week for Waste Reduction. Here we let you know about key events and activities of the initiative.

Ibiza is a very small, very beautiful island with a substantial population that increases to epic proportions in the summer tourist season. In order to keep the balance between the delicate natural beauty of the island and its seasonal, fluctuating population, being aware of near effortless actions each of us can undertake, as we go about our days, can help immeasurably.

To this end The Ibiza Island Council (Consell de Eivissa) is joining in the European wide movement of a yearly week-long campaign to engage the community, and educate people in sustainability practices and waste management awareness. The council reached out to businesses, municipalities, organizations and individuals through its website, to get involved and create a weeks worth of activities.

With a strong focus on the the 'R's of awareness -
Re-use and

the following events are being offered across the island.

All through the week:

Collection of Used Toys.
Edifici polivalent de Cas Serres/ Multipurpose building Cas Serres.

Used Book Exchange.
Island Public Library, Eivissa.
Bring books to leave and take home new ones.

Advertising, no thanks.
Stickers to be picked up in various locations to put on your mailbox to let the mailperson know not to leave junk mail.

Exhibition on Waste and Recycling.
Municipal Library, Can Ventosa.

Promotion of various initiatives:

One Act a Day, Every Day
A year-long campaign to encourage sustainable practices for residents by offering tips and incentives.

Re-use more, throw out less:
The weight of recycled, re-used products is going to be recorded daily for customers in participating stores and the general public can also join in with the Online CO2 calculator in order to keep track of how many tons of waste is diverted from landfills during that week. This will be added to the total tons achieved among all participating centers in Europe.

There is a prize for the country or town with the most innovative initiatives with the support of the European Commission

Saturday November 16th:

From 10-2pm in the Placa D'Antoni I Nieto, Eivissa

Home composting workshop.

Book and toy exchange: bring something, take home something else!

Used clothing street market.

As well as information booths, other events and games for kids.

Sunday November 17th :

Home composting workshop: 11 am to 13:30 pm Collegi Public of St. Jordi

Free workshop aimed at locals, to learn how to make compost at home. Those interested can take a composter in exchange for a symbolic contribution of 20 €. The workshop includes a home visit to monitor the process. To join, call the municipal offices of St. Jordi or call: 971 395 122 .

Beach Clean: 10 am in Sant Antoni de Portmany, the first stretch of S'Arenal.

Friday 22nd and Saturday November 23rd

Transfer Station Tour.

Packaging Transfer Station at 5pm.
For those who do not know where it is, meet at 16.45 in the parking lot next to the GESA.

The Transfer Station is the packaging facility which receives all the items from Ibiza's recycling bins: paper/cardboard, glass and plastics. During the visit you can see how the materials get sorted and prepared before being sent to recycling plants on the Mainland .

Saturday November 23rd

Clean up of Ses Feixes Wetlands, Ibiza.

The event will begin at the bus stop in front of Hotel Playa Real at 10 am and last until 12 pm .

For more information on the activities, you can contact the organizer of the activity or the Department of Environment of the Island Council of Ibiza 971195500 or email

Sunday November 24th

Small Construction projects from recyclables, Santa Gertrudis Park.

Sunday morning. Great for kids.

Building with materials that are normally thrown in the yellow or blue bins, a game that will involve creating new objects , models, sculptures ... use your imagination . Anyone who wants to participate can also bring packaging from home.

According to the Ajuntament de Eivissa website "in Ibiza only 13% of household waste is separated and sorted to the three color containers."

Please help us keep Ibiza beautiful and our World healthy!

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