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Care4Cats Trapping Story

Calling all animal lovers - read about the extraordinary work of Care4Cats on Ibiza

Once again, Ibiza Spotlight salutes the dedication and drive of hard-working charity, Care4Cats.

It is a little-known fact that twice every year, two teams of volunteers from the UK spend a fortnight on Ibiza, totally at their own expense, to help the island's feral and abandoned cats.

Working tirelessly from early in the morning until late at night, the teams of volunteers, each four-people strong, cover the whole of Ibiza, trapping the cats and kittens, then taking them to local vets who are generous enough to neuter these unfortunate animals for half the normal cost.

Afterwards, the cats are returned to where they were found, unless they are considered to be in danger, or too sick, in which case, even though Care4Cats are not a re-homing charity, they will arrange for a vulnerable feline to be fostered until a permanent home can be found.

Over 500 cats were trapped and neutered throughout the two weeks that the UK volunteers were last on Ibiza in October, but reports of cats in need of help are constantly being received by the charity, and local volunteers are always on hand, not only to trap, but also to deal with emergencies, such as strays under threat of being poisoned if they are not moved.

Sarah Langlois, trapper and spokesperson for Care4Cats explains "We need our work to continue throughout the year, but once the pot is empty, we can't…We also need to find land where we can release those we've had to move from danger."

Clearly, there is still much work to be done to help alleviate the problem, but the good news is that over the last thirteen years, Care4Cats have neutered more than 13,000 felines on Ibiza which, of course, keeps the populations smaller and healthier, and is a real accomplishment on the part of this admirable charity.

All of the rescued kittens are now ready to go to permanent homes. Care4Cats are charging a €25 adoption fee but will neuter the cat for free when the time comes, as well as offering vaccinations for the much reduced cost of €20.

Needless to say, all adoptions, help, support and donations are very much appreciated, and you can find out more on Care4Cats Facebook page, or by visiting websites and

Image: 'Baby Patches' - one of the kittens that was helped by Care4Cats, Ibiza

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