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Editors' Choice - 12th September 2013

A Must Read for Ibiza Virgins to experienced visitors - the real Ibiza, each week, for Summer 2013.


At the beginning of Summer, we promised each week to bring you the best of Ibiza. This has included, but certainly not been limited to

  • Restaurant reviews • Hotel deals • Best beaches • Latest clubbing tips • Ibiza fashion advice • Great for Kids • Super things to do • Villa deals • ... and a whole lot more!

It's been a blast, across the last 19 weeks - and the season isn't over yet! We've still got the world famous Closing Week to enjoy!

However, there's another side to Ibiza and across the years, real Ibiza lovers have been discovering it and celebrating it. Winter in Ibiza is an extraordinary time so whilst my friends are ribbing me that the 'Editors' Choice' column is coming to an end so I can go party, in actual fact, my attention is now turning to sharing the best of Winter Ibiza with you.

To make sure you don't miss a trick - including our soon to be released Closing Party Guide! - please consider book-marking three key links.

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As this is the last Editors' Choice for the Season, we couldn't help but make it a bumper addition and I think we've got something for everyone, from those that like to ramp it up a little to those that are on a budget.

We've been and remain Global No.1 for Ibiza for a long time now. We've helped over 250,000 people find the perfect hotel, inspired people from over 64 countries around the World to visit this tiny island. We live and breath this island 12 months of the year (no, we don't suddenly fly away when the clubs close!) and whilst we love the emails of thanks we receive, I think it is very much time to say ~

Thank you for a truly wicked Summer!

Things to Do

Go on, admit it. A part of you has secretly always wanted to experience living like a character from a James Bond film. You know, stunning locations, daring stunts, perfectly mixed cocktails and beautiful people. Look no further! Ibiza has it all! Check out our Flyboarding review, the latest hot, extreme watersport to take the island by storm!

Alternatively, a surprising inexpensive but both fascinating and some say romantic Aquabus Ibiza Ferry trip to the San Miguel caves is highly recommended - check out the review!


Earlier in the year, we liked the look of a step by step, pull no punches, inside track e-Book that was released about Living and Working in Ibiza. The Guide was extremely well received and it looks like 99.9% of it is going to be applicable next year - if you're thinking of working in Ibiza, Summer Season 2014, take a look!

Our second one was the ... fictious ... e-Novel called 'Maggie Scratch'. This has also been super successful - and reviews indicate it gives some wonderful insights into Ibiza lifestyle of various residents - that it's now available in hard copy.

Restaurant of the Week

We thought we would bring you something a little bit different this week. We have happily shared the delights of many fine dining Ibiza restaurants. But...what if you just fancy something quick, healthy and delicious as you dash around squeezing every moment you can from your precious Ibiza holiday experience? The savvy Ibiza workers are voting with their feet. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Chopstiqs, Playa D'en Bossa!

Alternatively, looking for a truly fantastic sunset dinner - or just cocktails, World class entertainment included. We're delighted to recommend Kumharas - see details here - Review: Kumharas Sunset Bar and Restaurant, San Antonio.

  • Special Price September - before 280€, now only 250€ per night.

Fashion Tip of the Week

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Unless of course you've been in Ibiza this week. With no sandcastles to construct, what to do in rainy Ibiza? Look no further than Dress up Box Ibiza. Fresh from their pop up at the Guy Gerber after show party, DUB are mobile costumers and fancy dress connoisseurs. With an eclectic selection of clothes and props, from vintage, animal costumes, sequins and flower-power, DUB have everything you could think of to help make your party a vision of fantasticness. Take your clothes off for fun, no matter what the weather!

- Leena Bhatti


What's left of the clubbing season now is what many (including me) think is the best part of the summer: the closing parties! All the promoters and the clubs end their Ibiza 2013 season with a big bang. Generally the closing parties are the wildest ones of the summer, everyone lets loose, no one cares about official club closing times and in my opinion it's always the period with the best vibe overall. Great crowds, fantastic music and obviously it's also a big get together for the whole island scene to celebrate the end of another summer.

So if you do like clubbing, you'll simply love the closings. As there are a lot of events to choose from, we''re preparing a closing party guide for you (bookmark and check back on the Clubbing Magazine to get the BEST from the parties), get your tickets and see you on the dancefloors - the Spotlight Clubbing Team will be present at all of those parties! :-)

- Stivi, Head of Ibiza Spotlight Clubbing


It is always an honour, a pleasure to wish you and yours a fantastic weekend, on behalf of the Ibiza Spotlight team - and again, thank you so much for what has been a wicked Ibiza Summer Season 2013! (and surely, before I dedicate all my time to 'Winter Ibiza', I might see you on a dancefloor or two...!)

Cat Milton

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