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Editors' Choice - 25th July 2013

A Must Read for Ibiza Virgins to experienced visitors - the real Ibiza, each week, every week for Summer 2013.

Sunset at Kumharas, earlier this week

“Look after Ibiza...”

Let's take a stroll down history's path…

Across time, nations have expelled the Jewish community. Ibiza, being a predominantly Catholic island (with a good smattering of pagan respect) would surely follow suit. After all in 1200's England expelled its entire Jewish community. In the 1300's Belgium did the same, as did France. In the 1400's Portugal followed suit and in the 1500's, areas of Italy undertook the same behaviour.

What happened when the islanders were told to give up their Jewish population? The number of Jews exiled from Ibiza equalled … zero. Was it because there weren't any on the island? Actually, it was thought about 1/3rd of the population was Jewish at the time. In fact, the Ibicenco's didn't just refuse to give the Jews up but the main synagogue was built underneath the Catholic Chapel in Ibiza Town, allowing the Jews to continue their practice in secret.

This didn't happen once but time and again across history. The Nazi Gestapo arrived on Ibiza during the Second World War and demanded that all Jews be named. Who says ‘no' to the Gestapo? The Ibicenco's did. The number of names given? Zero. The Gestapo left, frustrated and empty-handed.

“Look after Ibiza and Ibiza will look after you” is a phrase heard often, and just as often offered with deep belief. Part of the story says that it doesn't matter who you are, what you have or what you've achieved previously but that if you come here with kindness and good intent, the island will look after you.

It's easy in the heat of summer to forget this. We get tired, we get hot and things don't go fast enough for us or quite as we had wished and then we forget the ‘thank you' too. Ibiza and her people give the best of all they have and have done so, generously and tolerantly across all time – let us not forget to do the same.

“Look after Ibiza and Ibiza will look after you”

Here's to a great Summer, for us all!

Things to do.

We may have cracked it. In our endless search of fantastic things to do on the island, we sometimes fly, sometimes dive and sometimes we simply cruise along in ultimate style. It may be we've found the coolest of all things yet – Legends Vespa Tour is definitely worth experiencing!

Alternatively, some of us like to reach for the sky and don't mind the climb. Our youngest reporter, Rupert T, is checking out great things for kids to do (although us adults thought it was pretty wicked too! Shhh!) – Acrobosc definitely got our vote of approval!

For just about everything else happening on the island, please see our HUGE What's On / Events calendar – it's there for you.

Restaurant of the Week.

So, we're on holiday and we're really enjoying checking out the local cuisine but then you just can't help yourself but get that craving for a really good curry… where do you go? To Kathmandu, of course! No long haul flight needed – just pop into Santa Eulalia – Kathmandu Restaurant, Ibiza

By the way, if you're nervous about eating out, check out our Restaurant Guide for Ibiza page – we're pleased to recommend those listed or check out this years restaurant reviews

Villa of the week - NEW

Top quality, modern villa, a fusion of traditional Ibicencan architecture and minimalist style with ample space, clear lines resulting in a fresh ambiance and peacefulness. Villa Can Bonet is ideally located in the countryside 1.5km from the village of San Rafael, with a good choice of fine dining and local restaurants, shops, banks, and of course two of the world's most famous clubs on the outskirts. Both Ibiza Town with its attractive port area and the sunsets of San Antonio are a mere 10min drive away. Prices are available.

Hotel of the Week.

Trying to second guess where to stay on Ibiza, especially when you've never been before can be a little stressful so we've decided to jump right in and help you out. Each week, we'll be running a Hotel of the Week column, hi-lighting not just the hotel but the area and why we think you should know about it. This week is the party favourite, Jet Apartments, Playa d'en Bossa.

This Week's Fashion Tip

Summer 2013's biggest style icon may make you laugh out loud. Until you realise just how comfy and heat appropriate they are. Welcome back from the fashion wilderness, the humble espadrille. Created in the 14th Century for Spanish peasants, this rope soled canvas shoe never really showed any sartorial promise. Don Johnson's pairing in Miami Vice doesn't count. Then Beyonce posted herself in a pair of Tabitha Simons and we all took note. Chanel's come in chic black leather and Celine's in leopard print. Look to ASOS and Zara for modern styles. This is one revival I'm loving!

Check out more of Leena's insights into the Fashion World or check back here for her weekly fashion Heads Up.


Direct from Stivi, Head of Clubbing: -

This week, I'm going to give you a few tips about alternatives or special nights instead of only mentioning the big club nights...

TONIGHT - basically ENTER at Space is a big club night, but the ENTER Sake pre-party, happening on the Sunset Terrace from 9:30pm, has such a special vibe, you gotta go and see it. This week Disclosure play a DJ set at 10:30pm. Top tip: try the Minus cocktail...lovely!

Friday - Rainer Trüby makes a rare Ibiza appearance and plays a sunset set at Louie Vega's Sunset Ritual night on the rooftop terrace at the new Ushuaïa Tower. This event starts at 9pm. It's free entry, but you better dress up for that one, else they might reject you (not that I'm a fan of dress codes, quite the contrary, but what can you do...)

Saturday - the Zoo Project at Gala Night outside San Antonio presents one of their best line ups ever. Nd_baumecker, James Priestley and Youandewan. Ooooft! Starts at 4:30pm.

Sunday - Colin Peters is back at Santos Ibiza Coast Suites with another edition of "Flamingo", this time with The Zombie Kids in tow. Starts at 5pm.

Monday - One of Ocean Beach Ibiza's most successful events this summer is Hed Kandi's Beach House Pool Party which is happening every Monday. Why not spend an afternoon there? Starts at 12 noon and ends at midnight - and you'll surely get tanned while you dance away in the sun!

Tuesday - OK, this is not confirmed, but if you're a proper raver, you might want to look out for a Cocoon afterparty. Sven Vath plays Amnesia on Monday night, as does Ricardo Villalobos, and I can smell an afterparty happening after that. Stay tuned on our forums :)

Wednesday - head to Pacha's new Destino Ibiza resort to see Nicolas Jaar, Guy Gerber and Jay Shepheard! starts at 5pm, make sure you e-mail them on so they put you on the list - it's invitation only!

See you on the dancefloor, on the beach or somewhere in between!


As always, wishing you and yours a fantastic weekend!,

Cat Milton
For and on behalf of Ibiza Spotlight

Thanks to Stephen Armstrong for the history lesson!

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