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Friday Classic Walk with Walking Ibiza

Discover the island with these medium to hard rated walks.

Cada viernes desde 5 jun 2020 hasta 8 ene 2021
Desde: 10:00

Dónde: Senderismo | Walking Ibiza

Guided mostly by Toby, the founder of Walking Ibiza, this is the original community walk, faster paced, with information on flora, fauna and interesting historical facts and stories along the way, depending on the route.

Every week there are different walks with different starting points.

Day and time: every Friday at 10:00 (in summer at 17:00, 18:00 or 19:00)

Distance and duration: approx. 10 km/4 hours

Level: medium to hard

Donation: The walks are by donation of €10, €15 or €20 per person (depending on how much you are able to give).

You must reserve and pay for your walk because of the limited numbers they are allowed at the moment, you can not just turn up.

For more information, reservation and other excursions head to their official website.