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Podcast: SPTL166: Christian Nielsen

Works in an office by day, develops his musical craft by night. Watch out for this guy, you'll be seeing much more of him.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"Let me just say I love making mixtapes! You can take your time and really put together something special and also it's a chance to show some respect to some of the producers out there. The selection is a mix of my favorite tracks at the moment. Some are a bit older and some are brand new or even promos. I'm not one of those DJ's who will only play new stuff, to be honest. When I'm DJ'ing you will always get a mix of new tracks, older tracks and classics from me. I really don't care if the track is one month old or twenty years old. If it gets me grooving, I'll play it."

Where was the mix recorded?

"It took me a few days to find the tracks actually. And when I'd found them it was all about putting it together, as if it were a live set for me. Then it was all about finding the right setting. I recorded the set in my apartment with a few cold beers, a pack of cigarettes and a view over Copenhagen around 1 am."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this podcast?

"That's a hard one! Normally you get asked about influences when it comes to production, but when it comes to DJ'ing and creating mixtapes it's a bit different. I think my biggest inspirations come from a short list of favorite DJs who also do amazing mixtapes. Obviously Dixon is a clear favorite! I also really dig Keinemusik radio show which always brings a great vibe. Dan Drastic also does a great job with the Moon Harbour Radio show and always gets me grooving on the way to work!"

The Plug

So, you've a new EP out - Slanguage - tell us about that.

"Well, I've worked with Gorge in the past on other projects, and one day I dropped him Slanguage on Skype. That was the easy part! We talked about releasing on 8bit, but I needed more tracks to build a full EP. So from there it was all about finding tracks that would fit around Slanguage. And this is where it really became obvious to me why 8bit is a great label. These guys really know what sound they want and how they want it. And even though the EP took some time to put together I always felt I was in good hands. I've learned so many things working with Nick Curly and Gorge."

"The track with Mr. V is a story in itself. I've worked with Mr. V before so it was natural to collab with him again. The first version of 'Far From Lazy' was a lot different but it just lacked energy. Not from Mr. V, more from the production side. So we switched some stuff around and came up with a groove to die for. And let's be real about it; Mr. V is a beast with those vocals!"

The EP was signed by Nick Curly's label 8bit, how does it feel to be recognised by an artists of such stature so early on in your career?

"I'll be totally honest with you - I've been a fan of Gorge & Nick Curly's for ages! Both as artists and as label bosses they are second to none. So just being mentioned in the same sentence as them is an honour. I know it may sound a bit corny, but prior to being a DJ and a producer I was a fan - and I still am!"

In fact, your first proper releases were signed to Jesse Rose's ‘Play It Down' label… how did you go about getting involved in with him?

"I worked with Jesse and Play It Down under my old alias. Then the time came to create something new and to give myself some space... creative space. And if there is anyone in this business who's willing to take chances and release something that might sound crazy to other label bosses, it's Jesse Rose!"

Is there scope to work with him again in the future?

"Oh yeah, already working on a new EP for Play It Down, so be patient!"

We read that music is unfortunately not your day job at the moment. Do you foresee a day when that changes? How do you expect you will make that happen?

"Yeah, I have a normal 9-5 job which is great. And I have two great bosses who understand when I come into the office tired as hell after a late night studio session. But of course I think about it... and to be honest it scares the shit out of me! Haha! I'm trying not to put too much thought into it, though, until it becomes more pertinent. I dig the fact that I can produce whatever I want without having to deal with financial pressure. And when the day comes, well… we'll see how it plays out."

Do you have plans to come to Ibiza this season? Where would you like to play?

"Not at the moment. There are some things in the pipeline, but as always in this business things can change. I've actually never been to Ibiza so would be a first."

"Man, I can't choose! There are so many good parties and clubs there, and to be honest any of them would be an honour to play at."

Lastly, you have a weekend off on the island. What do you do? Where do you go?

"Well I've never been there so ask me again later and I'll tell what I actually did do."


1. Detroit Swindle - That Freak Stuff (Soulphiction Mix)
2. Mr. G - Daily Prayer (Original Mix)
3. Eduardo De La Calle - Somewhere In Your Arms (Original Mix)
4. Coni - My Secret Diving (Original Mix)
5. Unknown Artist - Cheat Codes Are Not For You (Original Mix)
6. La Pena - Just (Original Mix)
7. Michael Melchner - You Understand (Original Mix)
8. Chris Wood, Meat - JR Juniors (Tiefschwarz Remix)
9. itsnotover - Grand River (Original Mix)
10. Douglas Greed, The Glitz - When a Man Sings On a Track (The Glitz Remix)
11. Kotelett & Zadak - Moonside of the Dark (Original Mix)
12. Marco Fender - Bantu (Felipe Venegas Remix)
13. Manu Desrets - Follow Sin Bass (Original Mix)
14. Subb-an - This Place (Samu.l Remix)
15. Crowdpleaser - Nenekri (Kalabrese Remix Multi Culti Edit)
16. Florian Blauensteiner - Where the Coke? (Original Mix)
17. Cera Alba - Collision (Jordan Peak's Rogue Rework)
18. Mome - Mr.Raw (Original Mix)
19. H-Foundation, C1 - Kontrol Room (Sneak's HG Dub)
20. Christian Nielsen & Mr. V - Far From Lazy (Original Mix)


Sometimes all it takes is a push... the voice of Kerri Chandler fades in, "You can't lie to house music."

That's all that it took for a young Christian Nielsen to fall deeply in love with the (at the time) unknown ''4 to the floor'. It didn't take long before his brand new DJ bag was filled with Kerri, Jimpster, Mr. V, Master At Work, Larry Heard, Moodymann, Frankie Knuckles and many more.

All that was left was another push. This time, the push came from within. With his new Macbook, Christian started his journey that has now resulted into where he is today.

After years of producing under several different names, the danish producer has now come to a point in his career to take a stand. No more pseudonyms, no more gimmicks - just himself.

Christian Nielsen... To be continued.

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