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Former We Love... Space front man takes on The Garden Festival Croatia

From one labour of love to another.

Mark Broadbent and his team, including his wife Sarah, were the driving force behind one of the island's most respected and successful parties in its history - We Love. Hosting Space in Playa d'en Bossa on Sundays, the party became a shining beacon of hope in an industry obsessed with making that extra buck, to the detriment of the party itself. We discovered there are indeed many people like Mark, for whom the party comes before the profit, on Ibiza when talking to Johannes Goller from Cocoon who admitted that whilst crowd numbers had been down for Cocoon at points during the 2013 season, the party itself had been much better. Those who came loved the music, the club and the poeple and when you have those three factors... the rest is irrelevant.

For us, Sundays at We Love... Space had become a family gathering. Somewhere we could go to have the best time all night long, or just pop down for a few hierbas in El Salon with the friends and colleagues we had been working alongside for years. Whilst Marks leaving has left a hole in the island, We Love will undoubtedly continue to be the clubbing behemoth we have supported for years.

Ibiza's loss is in this case Croatia's gain, however, as he embarks upon a new project with much loved The Garden Festival Croatia team in curating the parties in Barbarella's club space a short distance from The Garden Tisno. One of the original and still one of the best festivals on the circuit, promoting great music within the perfect environment with the right people. We wish Mark and The Garden Festival all the luck in their new endeavour.

"I have wanted more involvement with the guys since first meeting them what now seems a lifetime ago although I'm sure it's not actually that long. You know the chemistry is right when it feels like this, seems we have been friends forever. A shared vision about how dance music should be formatted for consumption - i.e. putting on raves for the faithful - brought us together and now that I have more time on my hands since leaving We Love... I have the chance to fully get to know the wonderful team in Croatia."

"The guys asked me to bring a little of my own colour to the table and to be honest this is the one thing I wanted to hear. I am very happy with the guys we have involved who are very representative of my personal "dance" music taste. It's roots music, Detroit techno and acid house. Our roots anyway. The fact that they are all friends of the family also means that we can expect some incredible shows this summer. Roll on August." - Mark Broadbent

The Garden Festival Croatia takes place 2nd - 9th July 2014 -
Tickets cost £120 for full 7 days and nights

The Garden Festival Image: Khris Cowley / Here & Now

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