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Claude VonStroke launches the Dirtybird Ibiza residency

Interview with Justin Martin and a mix from Claude VonStroke. Make your way to Playa d'en Bossa and Sankeys tonight for some big booty boogies!

Big Booty Bass. Now there's three words everyone should enjoy saying. Let's say it a few more times shall we, getting faster - Big booty bass, Big booty bass, bass big booty, booty, big booty. Bass. Ahh... better.

Claude VonStroke's story of how he got into this whole music, party and label malarky is an interesting one, being that it was entirely by accident. Starting out to support label fave Justin Martin producing some film work after a career in the general film industry 'selling his soul', it turns out VonStroke had quite the talent for DJ'ing and producing himself so made the move to an industry where he more creative control over his output. Several years later and BOOM, the big booty bass massive steps onto the island for their first weekly residency!

The parties kick off this Thursday 27th, running every week at Sankeys thereafter until the closing party on the 12th September. Known for the relaxed attitude of their parties, where the emphasis falls solely on the music and having all the fun (not some, all), CVS and the boys have invited us all to their house for a good time and it would be rude to refuse. You can often find VonStroke mixing it up with the crowd on the dancefloor... it's rare to see a DJ get involved like this, so straight from the off you all know what kind of party we're talking about here.

All the artists playing over the season have released or remixed a track for Dirtybird, including Justin Martin, Catz 'n Dogz and Eats Everything plus over 26 guests such as Julio Bashmore and KiNK live, oh and not forgetting the man Claude VonStroke himself. So, again, opening this Thursday. Tickets available through ourselves - Spotlight.

Justin Martin had this to say about the coming season;

What track defines the Dirtybird sound for you?

"I can not pinpoint the Dirtybird sound to one particular record... each song is like a piece to the puzzle that forms one giant monstrosity."

Do you have a favourite bird, and if so do you have a video link for it? This one is cool.

"I enjoy saying "tufted titmouse," but the Franklin has my favorite birdcall."

Favorite Ibiza spot to unwind after a good party?

"My bed!"

Ibiza sunset or sunrise?

"I would have to say sunset. I have never seen the sunrise, it's always up by the time we leave the club!"

Top 3 tracks to listen out for at Sankeys from you this summer.

"'The Gettup' by myself and Eats Everything, 'Jack' by Breach, and Eats Everything's brand new special edit of 'Ruff Stuff'"

If you could request anything on your DJ rider, what would it be?

"A teleportation device, a pool filled with coconut water, and some brick-oven pizza."

Ibiza, to you, in a nutshell is?


Ibiza is renowned for life changing club moments, can you remember your first in on the island?

"The last time i played at Sankeys for Heidi's Jackathon party the vibe was like no other place on earth. I can't wait to be back there playing with my Dirtybird fam!"

The early bird catches the worm, the Dirtybird catches the…

"Big booty boogie all night long."

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