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Entrevista con... Guy J

Esta es una semana importante ya que Guy J inicia el camino con su propio sello discográfico 'Lost & Found'.

By Spotlight

This young Israeli artist has been floating on the emotive waves of house music for a while now, producing some very cool tracks recently in particular. His remix of the classic Circulation track Turquoise (Mesmeric), the huge Trezzz collaboration with John Digweed and Nick Muir on Bedrock and an exclusive new track - Genesis - on Sven Vath’s latest Cocoon compilation have all been great releases.

Much like many people in the industry today, Guy J has decided to try and grow as an artist, and he see's that growth coming from starting his own label, using it as a vessel to promote the sound he likes from both himself and artists he has signed up. If you like the Bedrock sound then the new 'Lost & Found' imprint will no doubt be for you.

The Plug

I think your music is quite melodic and atmospheric, is this something you try to carry across everything you produce and play?

I always produce what I feel at the same moment when I’m working, I do find melodies in dance music create something more magical as melodies present what is real about music, but I let it come from inside to be true to myself and the music, something with real feelings.

Given that your music is so emotive, what role do you think it has in people’s lives, aside from getting people to dance of course?

Music can be a means of expression, not only for the person who wrote it, but also for the person who listens to it. I think some tracks "sound" better depending on what you are going through in your life, not always in a dramatic way but in some way relevant to the emotions.

Last year saw the release of your critically acclaimed album, ‘1000 Words’, how did it feel to have created something so well received, and three CDs long?

It's a selfish process to make an album and, yes, a long one! I enjoy every moment but there is stress coming along with it, as it's hard to know what people will think of it and I think all producers are sensitive people. So I'm very happy I got great reactions and I'm waiting to work on the next one.

Working with John Digweed’s Bedrock label must have been cool, what made you feel that releasing music on the label was the right move?

Bedrock had a big influence on me and my music taste, so having music received and accepted by John Digweed has been beyond my wildest expectations. I'm very happy I have music coming out on Bedrock, it still excites me each time...

Moving on from that, you’re launching your own ‘Lost & Found’ label this week, why have you made the decision to go your own way? Team Bedrock is still involved, right?

Yes, Bedrock will still be involved with 'Lost & Found', I think it's time to upgrade my career and experience something new. I'll also be able to release more of my music. It's another challenge I'm ready to take.

What can we expect to hear from your new imprint? Will everything be digital only or can the jockeys look forward to some fresh 12” cuts being released?

For now, it will only be digital. You can expect to hear all sorts of house music. I'm not going to focus on one genre only and I'll try to take part in every release, whether it’s an original track or a remix. I'm happy to say we have already some great artists on the label, some are unknown and some I'm sure will become known because of their music. If you want to check it out, you can listen to Lost & Found music here:

The Issues

More and more artists are going it alone these days, by either setting a label up or starting their own club nights, do you think they are just after more control of the output? Or is there more to it?

I think there is more to it. It is easier today to start your own label because of the fact they are digital releases. We all believe in and love music, so we are willing to go for it, there isn't much of an income but if we are at a stage where we can do it then why not?

What are the difficulties involved in doing that?

I think it's mostly looking for the right music and making sure the releases are getting out there, that people are aware about what's going on with the label. If they like the music or not, I can’t control that, but at least I can do the most possible to make sure they will hear it.

I’ve been to Israel once before, although not to the clubs, what’s the scene like in your home country? Should we take a trip there? If we did where would you recommend we go?

The scene in Israel is great. EDM always had a big part in the nightlife over there. I don't know many cities in other countries that have a proper 24/7 nightlife, amazing! I would recommend going to the Cat & Dog Club, that’s the best in Tel Aviv at the moment.


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