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Review: LILY'S Massage Studio, Santa Gertrudis

Ibiza is home to a number of World Class therapists - but LILY'S Massage really raises the bar!

Ibiza has a reputation for world-class therapists. So when Lily's Massage invited Ibiza Spotlight to come over to Santa Gertrudis and check out their gorgeous new studio and massage menu, I was off like a shot!

Tranquil Village Location

The studio was easy to find, on the 1st floor of the corner building opposite the entrance to Santa Gertrudis' beautiful 18th century church. Parking in the village was equally hassle free.

I climbed the stairs up to the studio (careful, they are quite steep) and immediately noted the wonderfully warm and sweet scent of cinnamon imbuing the air.

LILY'S Massage Ibiza

Heaven Scent

Greeted warmly by co-owner and masseuse extraordinaire Frank with a smile and a handshake, I was immediately offered a drink and given a brief tour of the clean and sweet smelling studio with its 3 private treatment rooms and thoughtfully provided shower facilities.

Remarking on the particularly pleasant aroma of this Ibiza massage studio, Frank explained that they use a different aromatherapy scent every day, each assisting in a specific area of health. Cinnamon, he added, was helpful for the digestion and stomach. I was impressed with this attention to detail.

LILY'S Massage Ibiza

Delicious Sounding Treatments

I perused the menu. There were all kinds of wonderful sounding treatments available, from full body massage for individuals and couples, or ‘4 hands', or treatments targeting specific areas such as the scalp, back and feet. We had a brief but thorough consultation and after some simple questions, Frank recommended the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi treatment for me.

“The therapist uses hands, forearms, fingertips and elbows with slow and fluid movements. The oils we use, scented with Monoi and Frangipani flowers will encourage deep relaxation and increase body-mind harmony. How does that sound?”

“Sold!” I grinned!

LILY'S Massage Ibiza

Music and Flowers

Frank then kindly offered a music menu offering a wide range of relaxing sounds to accompany my treatment, including classical music, sounds of nature, chill-out and more. This was fantastic. I was already feeling relaxed and pampered and the treatment had yet to begin!

He showed me to my immaculate, cool, dark treatment room decorated with fresh flowers. Inviting me to take a seat, he proceeded to bathe my feet in cool water and rose petals, drying them carefully afterwards. Nice touch! In fact, these extra touches are what makes Lily's a very special Ibiza experience. They really seem to have thought about every possible comfort and strive to stimulate all of the senses.

He then left the room, supplying me with a hair-tie and special underwear for the massage (so mine would not be covered in oil).

LILY'S Massage Ibiza

Sensory Symphony

After first knocking to make sure I was ready, Frank came back in. To say the next hour passed by blissfully (and astonishingly quickly) is an understatement. My ears were caressed by the gentlest music. My sense of smell enchanted by the cinnamon infused air. All as Frank kneaded, stroked and teased my poor, tense and stressed out muscles into a state of blissful relaxation. From the top of my scalp to the tips of my fingers and toes I was in absolute heaven, dear readers.

Parisian Pleasure

I felt in the most professional hands imaginable. And with good reason. It turns out that Frank has, quite literally, a lifetime of professional experience, having run a highly successful practise in Paris for over 10 years.

His wife, Lotus, inspired him to come to our beautiful island 5 years ago. After years of flying back and forth from Ibiza to Paris, he finally decided this year to open a practise here. Having now left his Paris studio in his sister's capable hands, Paris' loss is Ibiza's gain. We at Ibiza Spotlight are delighted to welcome a therapist of Frank's calibre to the island.

Top-class Professionalism

When the massage was complete, I was left discreetly to simply lie and relax for as long as I felt I needed to. Once I (reluctantly) emerged from my precious cocoon of bliss, I was offered more refreshments and the use, should I wish, of the pristine shower facilities. From fluffy bathrobes and towels to cleansing products, I was thoughtfully equipped with anything one could need for a luxurious bathing session.

Conclusion. Walk in knotted with tension, walk out floating on air. Does Ibiza Spotlight recommend Lily's? Dear Lord yes!

Quick Facts

What? Lily's Massage Studio

Where? Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

When? 9am - 10pm, everyday, all year round.

Why? Pristine surroundings. Talented and highly qualified therapists. Sheer self-indulgence.

Cost? Between €30-80 depending on length and type of treatment

Disabled Facilites? Unfortunately not at the studio, but please call to arrange a home visit.

Top tips? The Lomi-lomi massage is spectacular.

Room for Improvement? Although cool and spacious, the premises would benefit from air-conditioning.

To Book or for More Information

We are pleased to recommend Lily's Massage, Santa Gertrudis - details can be found via the link.

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