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Summer Night Sky Walks - Full moon rising

A walk in the light of the full moon.

domingo 5 jul 2020
Desde: 20:00

From the beach of Pou des Lleo we walk, guided by Toby and our 'star lady' Etienne, on a dirt road through pine trees up to the defense tower just in front of the island of Tagomago. Here we listen to the amazing story of the moon's origin and its importance to life on earth.

Day and time: Sunday 5 July / 20:00 h

Distance and duration: approx. 5 km/3 hours

Level: medium to hard

Price: The walks are by donation of € 15 per person.

You must reserve and pay for your walk because of the limited numbers they are allowed at the moment, you can not just turn up.

For more information, reservation and other excursions head to their official website.

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