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Night Sky Walk - Sunset & Full Moon Rise (near San Miguel) with Walking Ibiza

Enjoy the sunset and the rise of the full moon in a stunning location.

jueves 1 oct 2020
Desde: 18:30

Dónde: Hacienda Na Xamena, Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza

Toby will guide this Night Sky Walk, that takes place in the wild northwest from near to the hotel Hacienda (San Miguel). Surrounded by the sea, sheer cliffs and the night sky we settle down to listen to the wonderful information our ‘star lady' Etienne shares with us. She will share the amazing story of the moon's origin, its importance to life on earth and unbelievable plans for a moon base. Tonight the moon will rise together with Mars and join Saturn and Jupiter!

Please bring a torch (for the way back) and something to lie on, so you get a good view of the stars.

We will be serving a chilled drink to enjoy as part of the experience. Please bring your own glass/cup.

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