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Divendres de cine - online streaming of movies in original language

Enjoy films in their original language with Spanish subtitles - due to the coronavirus restrictions in the virtual showroom of Can Jeronimo cultural centre.

viernes 5 feb 2021, sábado 6 feb 2021, domingo 7 feb 2021, lunes 8 feb 2021

Enjoy these three films this week in the virtual cinema:

La familia que tú eliges | VOSE | 2019 | English with Spanish subtitles

Synopsis: Zak is a young man with Down Syndrome who runs away from his residence to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler in a wrestling school. A series of circumstances lead him to meet Tyler, a criminal who has also fled and who will become his coach and ally. Their adventure leads them to meet Eleanor, a quirky nurse who joins them on their journey through Northern California.

Mia y el león blanco | VOSE | 2018 | French with Spanish subtitles

Synopsis: A young woman who has moved with her parents from London to Africa develops a surprising and special bond with a wild lion. Her incredible friendship prompts her to travel the savannah to save her best friend.

¡Va por nosotras! | VOSE | 2019 | French with Spanish subtitles

Synopsis: After a fight, the Clourrières football team is suspended in its entirety until the end of the season. To save this small club in northern France, which is about to disappear, the coach decides to create a team made up of only women and thus be able to finish the championship. This situation will totally change the lives of the families and alter the codes established in the small community.

The films will be available from Friday, 5 February at 20:00 h to Monday, 8 February at 20:00 h (La familia que tú eliges until 0:00 h).

To access the Can Jeroni Virtual Cinema Room it is necessary to fill in the registration form for each film, you'll find them on Through this registration they will send access to the film to your email address.

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